HD Video Streaming

An Online Video Platform will deliver your video to anyone, any time and any where in the world up to the highest HD quality and most reliable streams. The SaaS system puts you in control and enables you to manage, monitor, monetize and share your video content.

A Video Platform will give you the power and flexibility to custom design your player, encode videos from one file to multiple formats and speeds. You can even publish and share your video to social sites…

Website videos look better in HD.
Easy-to-use player delivers up to HD quality video streaming to every Browser. Stream On Demand Video with Affordable and reliable CDN bandwidth.

Video and Player management online.
We host your videos and you will have access to Online video encoding in multiple formats including mobile, iPhone and iPad. Customize your video player to fit your business.

Know how many viewers instantly.
Keep track of informative video statistics like the amount of views and trends.

HD Video Streaming

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Advertising through Animation

Animation – Animation is the most ideal content form to present on the two online screens: namely Internet TV and Mobile Devices.  Downloading and managing animated content such as Flash Animation is the most versatile fit for today’s new digital market and current technology.  Animated content is also delivered more quickly, economically, and in higher quality over any other video products.

Video: What’s being watched – Recent studies support the success expectations for animated content. According to ComScore, the average length of an Internet video stream is 2.6 minutes and a Pew/Internet study found that the most popular genres online as reported by users were news and comedy or humorous videos. The same survey also found that 20% of adult Internet users watch Animated videos online.

Global Packaging – In the global market, animation can easily be re-packaged by recording dialogue in the required language.  Animation is easily created to be interactive. This is very difficult, if impossible to do with video or film.   Merchandising possibilities such as toys are more prevalent with animation over other forms of media making the overall global animation industry a multi-billion dollar market.

Advertising -All this makes animation an ideal medium for branding through internet advertising on social platforms.

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